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No matter where we go, 3rd Rock Adventures is all about exploring the world together with friends. Our trips aren’t just tours of foreign countries. Together, we embark on remarkable adventures all over the world. Whether it’s as thrilling as kayaking the coast of Baja, intriguing as trekking the jungles for a glimpse of rare wildlife, as enriching as spending time amidst a new culture, or perusing museums and ancient architecture our experiences are more unique than any other you’ll find. Paired with our well traveled, expert staff our tours immerse you in the countries we visit. We aren’t sight-seers, we’re doers. 3rd Rock is all about experiencing the beauty and discovery of new places, showcasing what makes the regions we travel so wonderful. While it might mean the adrenaline kick of rafting the Colorado or flying through the air on zip lines, it can also be as serene as an up close encounter while whale watching, or luxurious style as we drift along the Danube on a riverboat. Traveling with 3rd Rock Adventures is guaranteed to leave you with some of the best memories of your life. The structure of our trips offers a great opportunity to travel with your close friends! Whether you book a trip with just one friend, or a whole host you’re certain to come away with new ones and closer to the ones you already have.

3rd Rock’s trips typically last ten days, giving us time to experience the country we’re visiting while giving you flexibility to work around a busy schedule at home. Most trips offer affordable extensions so that you may continue the adventure even longer. We work with highly reputable, local companies for all of our logistical needs. Whether it’s gear, transportation, or accommodations, we take care of it! Our itineraries offer trip specific details. The majority of our activities are planned in advance, with trips offering a few opportunities for time to yourself. Oftentimes this means a chance to go out into a city, hike, or something similar. Again, our detailed trip itineraries lay out all the specifics and we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

So what are you waiting for? Visiting that place you’ve always dreamed of is just a few clicks away. 3rd Rock promises the adventure of your life! Once you travel with us, you’ll never want to take a trip any other way.

Exploring The World Together