About 3rd Rock

Who We Are

At 3rd Rock Adventures, we want to show you the world by exploring it together, one incredible destination at a time. In the process, you’ll build lifelong friendships, develop an appreciation for new countries and customs, and marvel at all the world has to share.

Our goal is to show you that there is more to travel than just visiting a new place. When you travel with us, you experience tastes, sounds, smells, people, creatures, geography, and truly life itself in that destination.

In a big way, the people we travel with make our trips. By experiencing and learning together, we form lasting bonds, leading to relationships that you will treasure for years. When you choose to travel with us, know that you will be traveling with others like you – eager to forge new memories and new friendships. Without a doubt, we think of ourselves as a family.

Where We Go and Why

Our curiosity and excitement over what the world has to offer is limitless, and we want to share it all with you. The majority of our trips change from year to year, allowing you to see more and more of this incredible planet we call home. You will find we have a variety of trips, some more strenuous and adventurous than others. Some are to fascinating and exotic places. There will be many traditional and cultural trips as well as unique and interesting trips to some very unexpected places for a more in-depth look at the region. You will also find that we offer trips within the United States as well. We live in one of the most remarkable and beautiful areas of this 3rd Rock from the sun that will live on. There are so very many wonderful, breathtakingly beautiful, and interesting places within our own borders that we want to show you.

There is an often-quoted phrase that really puts it into perspective for us here at 3rd Rock Adventures: Life is not about the breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away. In choosing our trips, we take this to heart, and want to put together experiences and adventures that take your breath away.

Who Travels with Us

Our travelers primarily tend to be single individuals who are looking to explore the world and meet new friends. However, we are by no means limited to single travelers! Couples share adventures with us as well.

The typical traveler is around age 40 and up, but this range varies significantly depending on the destination and the activity level.

If you want to discuss whether a trip might be right for you, give us a call anytime!

Six Reasons to Choose 3rd Rock Adventures

Stress-Free Planning

Putting together a vacation at this level can be overwhelming. Let us take care of all the details and planning. We’ll haggle over hotel prices, search for low airfares, arrange amazing activities, take care of the transportation, and even provide a tour director to make sure it all comes together. Not only will we save you money, but we’ll save you time and energy, too!


We have seen many types of relationships blossom here at 3rd Rock Adventures. Friendships are formed, romances are discovered, and a sense of community is built. There is also the connection made with 3rd Rock itself. We are committed to delivering an exceptional level of quality, service, and fun that will bring you back to our family time and again.

No Unexpected or Hidden Costs

We work to provide your whole trip for you. Hotel rooms, transfers, guides, tours, admission and entrance fees, meals whenever possible, and much more are all included as detailed in each trip’s description.

Affordable Quality

We have honed keen negotiating skills in countries around the world. That expertise combined with the power of group purchases means savings for you. Each aspect of the trip – from hotels to activities to meals – are chosen carefully for the value they bring to the trip as a whole. Still, we don’t ever compromise on convenience, cleanliness, or character to save money. We only use reputable and certified operators, guides, and tours.

Assurance from Beginning to End

You are in the best of hands when you book a trip with 3rd Rock Adventures. Prior to your trip, you will be given all the information you need to know about your destination and how to prepare for your travel. Once on the trip, you will be accompanied by one of our friendly and competent tour directors [link to this page here], who will have personal knowledge about the destination and trip to keep everything running smoothly and safely.

A Fantastic Time!

All of our trips are designed to introduce you to new, exciting, and diverse experiences. There are things to see and do in this world that you have never dreamed of, but you will see and do firsthand with us. You’ll be telling the stories for years to come!