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Travel Information

Seat Assignments on Your Flight

3rd Rock offers the courtesy of requesting seat assignments on the airplane for you when the option is available. Seat assignments will be displayed as “Passenger #1, #2, #3” etc. All final seat assignments convey the best options at the time the flight is booked. As there are some airlines and certain types of airfare that disallow pre-flight seat selection, it is possible a flight will not assign seats until check-in. Tickets or reservations will show, “N/A” if this is the case. Airlines reserve the right to change any seat assignments for reasons including, but not limited to, schedule changes with the flight, equipment issues or changes, or any similar circumstances. Please be aware such changes, while unlikely, can also result in cancelled seating. Reassignment is handled by the airline.
When you receive your trip documents from 3rd Rock, your assigned seats will reflect those listed on your reservations with the airline. To ensure a smooth flight, we recommend contacting the airline about seventy-two hours before your flight departs, in order to confirm your seats. Please direct any questions about seating assignments to

Luggage on Your Flight

Airlines do maintain specific size requirements for luggage, which is contingent upon the size of the aircraft and the trip being flown. Go to to view basic guidelines regarding luggage. Contact the airline for more specific questions and information.

Luggage on Your Trip

Our tours at 3rd Rock permit a single item of luggage and one carry-on per person. 3rd Rock is under no circumstances responsible or liable for any missing or damaged luggage or personal property. Any losses or damages must be reported to local authorities at the time of the incident and you must procure a written report from those authorities in order to submit a claim to your insurance.
We strongly recommend that you do not place any valuables in checked luggage. If the airline loses or damages any of your luggage, you must file a claim with the carrier before you leave the airport. If there is any cost incurred in the retrieval of your luggage, you will be responsible. We recommend you obtain and keep any such receipts for submittal to your insurance company. Refer to for more information specific to travelers from the US.

Checked Luggage

If your route within the United States has any connecting flights, make sure to check your luggage through your destination. While problems and lost luggage are minimal, they are still possible. Remember that “interlining” luggage may be disallowed by some carriers. and in such cases checked individually. Verify the destination of your luggage at the time of check-in. In the event a domestic delay results in you missing an international flight, request help from the airline. As tickets only carry restrictions or penalties for changing a flight, the responsible airline must amend the situation for you. 3rd Rock has absolutely no recourse to help you in this situation. Confirm your amended itinerary before leaving the check-in desk for the airline.

Flights which are Code-shared

In the instance your itinerary lists your flight being operated by a different carrier, make sure to check-in at that carrier’s desk. Be sure to check the flight monitors at the airport for updates.

General Information on Flights

If you are traveling internationally make sure to check in a minimum of three hours before your flight departs, and a minimum of two hours before a domestic flight. Note that a number of airlines will not permit check-in with less than one hour remaining before a flight departs. Many airlines now permit check-in online up to twenty-four hours before a flight departs.

Note on the Transportation and Safety Administration

It is well known that security at airports has increased drastically in the wake of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. If you are traveling domestically, make sure to allow for at least two extra hours to go through security. At least three hours should be allowed for international flights. contains the most up to date requirements of allowable and banned items.

Note on Business Class Service

Some flights lack the option to travel Business Class due to the type and size of aircraft. As such, some flights will not include this seating option. Such flights generally are domestic, connecting flights within the United States and short foreign domestic flights. In the event your flight lacks Business Class, the airline will accommodate you in the next best available seating. Inquire with the given airline as to the services given to Business Class.

Flights of Foreign Domestic Nature

In the event your particular trip involves any foreign domestic flights, and if those reservations are not a part of your itinerary’s e-ticket, then you will be issued an individual voucher or vouchers that validate that flight. One of our 3rd Rock representatives will give you these once you reach your destination or shortly thereafter.

How to Minimize Jet Lag

You can begin minimizing the effects of jet lag as soon as you board your plane. Switch your clock to the time zone of your destination. Sleep and eat based upon your destination’s schedule. Refrain from over eating, drinking caffeine, or alcohol until after you’ve arrived at your destination. Always make sure to drink enough water. Juice can also be helpful. Sleep during the course of an overnight flight and then do not sleep until night once you’ve arrived. Don’t nap.

Frequent Flier Programs

Contact the related airline in regards to the frequent flier miles or flight eligibility. These programs and airlines make all decisions regarding eligibility of miles based upon their guidelines. Some code-share and promotional fares do not qualify. Some fares may qualify for reduced mileage, such as the “3rd Rock Travel Airfare.” Changes in scheduling or others similar make eligibility subject to change. We advise providing all your frequent flier information at the time of check-in in order to receive credit for your travels. It may not be possible to obtain credit after travel begins.

Procedures for Arrival

When you arrive, make sure to fill out the necessary immigration forms. Claim your luggage if applicable. Check any relevant voucher regarding instructions if your trip requires transfer of any kind at the airport. In most trips, a representative of 3rd Rock will greet you after you have retrieved your luggage or passed customs. The representative will be holding a sign showing your name. Some trips will require you to make your way to the relevant transportation counter. Your documents will include the name and location of the company for the transfer. If you encounter any problem or happen to miss your connection with 3rd Rock’s staff, head to the “Tourist Information Desk” and request they page 3rd Rock’s personnel or call the phone number on your travel documents.
Please note that taxes up to the amount of $11.00 may apply for any domestic flight in

Delayed Flight Procedure

Due to airlines keeping travel manifests confidential, 3rd Rock may not be aware of a delay except through you. The faster you let our office know about a delay, the faster we can react to accommodate you. 3rd Rock cannot guarantee pre-reserved arrival transfers past one hour after scheduled. In the event you are delayed and unable to follow the necessary steps, please take care of any transfers yourself and save receipts. We cannot refund lost tours, transfers, or hotel stays. Once you return home, contact the airline and/or your insurance company in order to pursue reimbursement for missed portions of your trip.

Procedures for Departure

Any instructions for departure transfers will be shown on your travel documents or given to you locally.
Regarding all transfers on your trip, we recommend a cushion of thirty minutes in order for a 3rd Rock representative’s arrival. This includes flights, cruises, etc. Possible delays are factored into all scheduled transfers to alleviate any concern on your part about being late. In the event of a delay transferring from a hotel, reimbursements are considered if a written statement form the hotel, detailing the amount of time you waited, is provided along with receipts.
All tours including an escort also include all transfers if airfare was purchased from 3rd Rock. Independent travelers can purchase transfer services from 3rd Rock or on their own. In any instance independent travel is generally cheaper if hiring a taxi.