Travel Journal

HollyHaving taken numerous trips with Kim these past few years, I have nothing but fond memories about each and every one of them. I have zip lined through the tropical rain forests of Costa Rica, rafted the rivers and climbed the falls on the beautiful island of Jamaica, and walked along the historical beaches of Normandy, and each trip has been unique in and of itself. Along with great accommodations and tasty cuisines, there is the added bonus of meeting new friends and forming lasting relationships. I look forward to seeing the trips 3rd Rock Adventures has planned for us adventurous souls in the future, with the hope of adding many more to my bucket list.

Holly B.
Knoxville, TN

DaveI had the great opportunity to join Kim and the group on a tour to Costa Rica. It is such a beautiful country. The accommodations in the ocean home, personally prepared meals, and service were all superb. I felt like a king. Great activities like horseback riding on the beach, zip lining, 4-wheeling along the coast, and swimming under waterfalls were planned each day to see all that the area had to offer. Then, we took a beautiful ride up to the Tabacon Spas for a few days to relax in the hot springs and take a river tour through the jungle. Then, to top it off, the trip occurred during my birthday, and Kim planned a surprise party with a band and special dinner. Great memories.

Last year, we explored Ireland from Dublin to the western coast and then through the beautiful southern shores. It was more than one could expect, from seeing and spending the night in castles to kissing the Blarney Stone, truly a beautiful country. Having a small group to keep it less than 20 travelers allowed us to spend more time with each other and make new and long-term friends. We can also be more flexible with what we see, or see other areas along the way. We also had an intimate pre-trip to London and Scotland before visiting Ireland with my longtime friends.

Dave S.
Peachtree City, GA

I had the trip of a lifetime visiting Italy with a group of 14 people. Kim began by having dinners to get interested individuals together to hear about the details. After several dinners with this group, I was totally committed.

Four of the group went to Venice, while the others went directly to a farmhouse in Tuscany. Although Kim was not one of the four going to Venice, she made all the arrangements and provided us with all the details…down to the amount of euros we would need to tip the boat taxi in Venice! She also arranged a tour guide to spend about five hours with us on a walking tour of Venice. He was excellent!

After three days in Venice, we took the train (again, all prearranged by Kim) to Florence to meet up with the other 10. We had another tour guide who was excellent. She was so knowledgeable that after a full day in Florence, we really felt like we knew all about the history of the city.

The next two days were spent at Cinque Terra, touring a winery and several villas. We had a 20-passenger van with a driver that drove us all around. After departing from the farmhouse, he drove us to Rome. On the way to Rome, we stopped at Pisa and San Gimignano, where we were able to spend several hours seeing the historic areas.

In Rome, we again had an excellent tour guide, Dino, who had his PhD in Vatican history. He spent one day showing us the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, and even one of his favorite lunch spots for a wonderful lunch after the tour. The second day was spent touring the Roman Forum, another unbelievable experience. I had a bit of free time in Rome to walk around the hotel area and see the Spanish Steps, the Piazza Navona, and Trevi Fountain!

I had to head home after ten days, but the rest of the group continued on to the Amalfi Coast. After returning, a friend asked me if I would have done anything differently, and I immediately answered: Yes, I would have stayed through the additional days at the Amalfi Coast!

Kim did an excellent job prearranging all the details. Accommodations were great, meals were fabulous, tour guides were superb!

Pat H.

JudiI have been on several of the 3rd Rock Adventures trips. They are well organized and the price is right. Kim always does her best to incorporate special requests. I like to travel with smaller groups, and that is the kind of trip that Kim leads.

Judi W.
Woodstock, GA

GaryI have had previous opportunities to explore parts of the world and planned my own trips and vacations in the past, as well as solicited the services of other travel organizations. But it wasn’t until I was invited to go on a couple of trips with Kim that I actually understood what a “Vacation” really is.

I was able to spend over three weeks in Greece and Turkey seeing some amazing things that I don’t believe many people get the opportunity to see. I was also blessed to experience the Hôtel de Glace (Ice Hotel) in Québec along with dog sledding and other activities that I did not anticipate.

These are only two of the many trips I have done with the help of Kim and her experience. She took all the work out of the trip, leaving me to just enjoy a real vacation. I was able to see everything I wanted to see as she customized the trips for me AND then added things I didn’t even know about. That is what I think makes her and her trips so special. I attribute that to her worldwide experience, not only in the places she has seen and knows, but also in her knowledge of “how” to travel. Kim turns trips into real vacations, and I look forward to enjoying many more surprises in the not-too-distant future. Thank you Kim!

Gary P.
Issaquah, WA

Bev & RichMy husband and I have taken three international trips with Kim Pennock as our planner and advisor. Each and every trip has been well-planned, well-executed, and loads of FUN!! The trips were culturally rewarding, led to great friendships, and created memories that will last a lifetime!

Bev & Rich K.
Cumming, GA

LindaI was fortunate to participate in a trip to Croatia with six friends, one of whom was Kim Pennock. Kim planned a significant portion of the trip, primarily because of her knowledge of the country and her savviness regarding the intricacies of international travel. We had a wonderful mix of guided tours and relaxed exploration with plenty of adventure. I would certainly trust and enjoy another trip with 3rd Rock Adventures.

Linda H.

MelissaI spent ten days traveling southern Germany with 3rd Rock Adventures and was amazed at everything we could see in that limited time. I loved seeing the castles and countryside that makes the country so beautiful. Visiting cities like Salzburg, Austria, and Prague, Czech Republic, were also very impressive. The tours we went on were the perfect ones to give you a view of all aspects of the country. Her planning helped make the trip a great memory.

I have also traveled extensively with 3rd Rock Adventures to other various places throughout the world, including other destinations in Europe and Central America. Their trips are all well planned and always include something for everyone. There are group times where we are all going together to see something special, as well as unscheduled time where we can explore on our own. They have created ways to combine the needs and desires of the group to see what we all want to see. If ever anything unexpected happens, the tour directors are ready to jump in and make sure the unexpected becomes something special. Some of the most special parts of the trips are meeting new people that become lifelong friends. There are several individuals that I have traveled with multiple times, and every time is a wonderful memory.

In addition, I have toured with 3rd Rock Adventures across the United States. I have spent a week in Michigan enjoying the fall colors, a New Year’s celebration at the Outer Banks in the Carolinas, and a summer trip in San Diego enjoying all that this city has to offer. There is always something new to discover in this great country we live in, and 3rd Rock Adventures helps you do that with style and ease. There is always great food and company for the trips, and every time you get home, you look forward to the next time you can go.

Melissa M.
Federal Way, WA