Ways to Save

3rd Rock Adventures offers multiple ways to save on our already affordable tours.

Repeat Travelers: If you traveled with 3rd Rock Adventures in 2015, you will earn a $200 discount on any 2016 trip you take with us. Likewise, if you travel with us in 2016, you can earn a similar credit for 2017.

Travel Giveaways: Each trip, one lucky traveler will win either a $200 gift card, which can be used as spending money on the trip or  a $300 credit towards their next trip!

Join a Wait List and turn your $30 into $75!  Our Wait list does have a $30 fee to join.  If we can get you on the trip that $30 becomes a $75 credit towards your trip.  If we form a new trip that you choose to join you will also receive a $75 credit.  If you contact us and ask to be removed from the Wait list your $30 will be refunded.  If we are unable to get you on the trip your $30 will be refunded.  If we contact you with space available on the original trip and you decided at that point you do not wish to go, your $30 will be forfeited to 3rd Rock Adventures.

Help us improve our Website! As we are always working to improve our website,  we make this offer to you the website user.  Should you find any errors on our website  that are verifiable we will offer you a credit of $25 towards your next trip with us or any unpaid portion of an existing trip you have booked with us .   So should you find a spelling or grammatical error, please let us know.  If a link doesn’t work or takes you to the wrong place let us know.  If you see inconsistencies from one page to the next, let us know.  This savings will be limited to a total of $200 per person.

Non Refundable agreement in Place:  These are priced at or below cost. The purchaser agrees that their payment in full is non refundable should the purchaser change their mind or for any personal reason not go on the trip.  Should 3rd Rock adventures cancel, change beginning or ending dates of the trip, or significantly change any portion of the trip then the full amount would be refunded to the purchaser upon their written request. There are a limited number of trips sold at this price.  Generally between 2 and 4.